Azshara is one of the TOP bosses at the moment. Once the best of the elves, betrayed her people and turned into a fiend of hell. Definitely worth a good kick her ass.

What is a raid and how to collect it?

Find another 20-24 scrubs, gather in a group and head to the Eternal Palace. There you will have to wait for Azshara, which will beat the shit out of you, well, or you will kick her ass. If you will be lucky enough. If you manage to kill her, she will drop epic items. We have recently successfully completed the raid, got a lot of epic gear, had a lot of fun and everyone is happy.

What do I get when I kill Azshara on heroic difficulty?

This difficulty is considered tangible, the reward will be quite good. You will receive level 430+ items and heroic status. Mount Azshara will not drop. You will also enjoy the tangible complexity of the raid and learn the plot.

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What service should I choose?

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