Need an idea for a social event? Have you considered a bingo night? But wait – bingo is for old people, right? No, not anymore – with musical bingo the game has been transformed. The musical bingo trend is sweeping across the country and players are younger than ever. Here’s why musical bingo is hitting the big time.

Everyone knows how to play bingo

Yep! It’s been around since… well, since anyone can remember. It’s been one of Britain’s oldest and most popular games over the years and now online bingo is just as popular, if not more so, than traditional bingo in a bingo hall. That was until… musical bingo came on the scene.

If you’re looking to host a social event, whether it’s just to get parents at the PTA or work colleagues to integrate, or have some fun with friends and family – musical bingo is the way to go. The basic concept is the same as old-style bingo – so everybody already knows how to play. Just put your own twist on it.

How does musical bingo work?

Quite simply, instead of using numbers, musical bingo uses the names of musical artists, bands, singers, etc. Or alternatively, and fast becoming the talk of the town, it uses tunes to replace the traditional number calling. And best of all, you can theme it as you want to fit the crowd you want to attract.

Go for ‘80s or ‘90s music if they’re an older bunch. Or theme it on a particular musical genre such as blues, soul, disco, or rock ‘n’ roll, whatever takes your fancy. Check out an example of 90 Bingo here and see what all the hype is about.

How do you organize musical bingo?

The simple answer is, any way you want, depending on whose going to playing and the number of players, and if you’re doing it at home, at a party, at work or hosting a larger event in a venue. All you basically need are bingo cards (with the name of the artist or band), a bingo call list for the person who will be calling out the names, and maybe a few prizes for winners – just to make it more fun.

You can even download ready-to-play musical bingo cards and call lists from websites. If instead of calling out the name of an artist or band, you like the idea of playing part of a track from the artist or band – then obviously you’ll have to put together a playlist of the various artists and bands. But even that’s not difficult if you use some of the ready-made playlists from sites like Spotify, which you can select based on genre, artist, era, etc.

Musical bingo is great fun; it’s interactive, social and super easy to play which means everyone can be involved if you have a mixed group of people. Try pairing people up or putting them in teams to add yet another dynamic to the game.