13 cards rummy is one of the most popular games in our country. However, becoming a professional player when it comes to rummy is not a possible task for everyone. If your endeavour is to become a pro at the game, then follow these tips to help you play rummy online.

Form a Pure Sequence First

Every expert focuses on creating a pure sequence, as this reduces his chance of getting a higher count even if they lose. A pure sequence is a complete safe bet, as even if you lose you are never going to get defeated with a high score.

Discard High Value Cards

Beginners commit the mistake of keeping high value cards, however, the experts understand that these high value cards are not going to add any value and would increase their score if opponent declares the game. Considering this fact, a pro player should focus on discarding the high-value cards and make their game stronger.

You Should Know When to Quit

Pro gamers are always aware as to when he should drop out of the game or keep playing it. If it seems that they don’t have good cards in hand, and it is difficult to make a set, then they must drop out immediately. This shall lower your chance of elimination in the game, and who knows you might bounce back in the next game.

Discard Identical Cards

Players should understand that identical cards add no value to the game and would unnecessarily add to the score value. Hence, they should concentrate on disposing identical cards and framing a good sequence which can help them win the game. Player should learn different strategies which can enable them in getting rid of unwanted cards easily.

Use the JOKER card appropriately

The master stroke of Rummy game is using the JOKER card appropriately in forming a sequence. Joker is an extra wild card in the rummy game which might not be available with every player, hence for those who get it, they must take immense care to intelligently use it. Players are thus advised to form the best non-pure sequence with the help of joker which can increase their chances of winning the game.

Keep Observing Opponent Cards

Keeping an eye on cards and moves of opponent players is one of the most important things which a professional player should take care of. Hence while playing the game, it is advisable to watch your competitors, and see as to what card they are picking or discarding. This shall help in getting an idea as to what sequence they are building up and will also help you in knowing which cards not to discard.

The Verdict

Following above-mentioned tips can be very helpful for novice players, as this will enable them to understand what tactics must be followed to beat competitors in the game. Once you are through these tips, you must practice more, and soon, you might eventually end up playing like a pro.