Thanks to the current internet age, many age-old games such as poker and blackjack are now being added to online websites to allow players who often aren’t able to play in the physical casino to play their favorite games.

This raises the question of whether online gaming is going to kill the casino industry, to which the answer is no, online casinos have a reason or purpose and the way that online casinos are set up there is no possible way that they will ever be able to kill land-based casinos.

How can this be?

One of the major differences between online and physical casinos is the atmosphere that each of the casinos provides, which is one of the major reasons why online casinos will never kill physical casinos.

Physical casinos provide players with a unique experience, which is one of the hardest experience to duplicate unless the players are going to other casinos.

When players go to physical casinos they are almost put into a world where time stops and everybody is a winner.

This means that everything within the casino runs 24 hours of the day and the entertainment never stops, which is an amazing and unique and amazing experience. It is thanks to this experience that physical casinos will never close or lose income to online casinos.

What role do online casinos play?

One would think that because physical casinos are so great, why are so many people playing online? Which is a good question, however one that is also quite easy to answer?

The role that online casinos play, is to provide players with the connivance of being able to play at any time of the day or even from their house.

Another key reason why people choose to play online is that it gives them to theopportunity to practice games like poker without having to worry about players hustling them. By being able to practice their skills online has helped to increase the overall players that play in casinos, as people feel that there is not such a steep learning gap anymore.

The next role that online casinos play, is that introduce new games to the online gaming world, these games can be variations of the same old games that one would find, but with a twist in them to make sure that the games are still fun.

One of the newer things that the online world is beginning to see, is the introduction of bitcoin in online games.

Bitcoin can be used as a form of payment and is becoming increasingly popular every single day.

Some games that you are able to play with bitcoin are poker, bitcoin dice, slots, and blackjack.

Final Thoughts

Even with the massive expansion of online gaming, there will never be a point where online gaming will ever take over from physical casinos, as the physical casinos offer players a unique experience that cannot be experienced anywhere in the world.

Online casinos are also paving the way for physical casinos to start to use cryptocurrency such as bitcoin to all players to play with both physical and digital currency.